Hometown of Eric Pemper

Eric Pemper, is initially from Columbus, Ohio, however, he attended college in San Diego, California and has called it home ever since his freshman year at the University of California, San Diego. San Diego is a beautiful beach city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. There is so much to see and do in San Diego that the whole family can enjoy.

Eric Pemper

Eric Pemper is a thrill seeker.

Being the thrill seeker, Eric Pemper, loves San Diego for its diversity in extreme sports. San Diego has a great skydiving attraction for the thrill seekers. Skydive San Diego is the premier parachute center in Southern California. At Skydive San Diego you can do tandem jumping, group jumps and more. Everyone is welcome to dive, from the beginners to the most experienced divers. They offer beginner classes where first time divers can learn on the site and dive that very same day. The perfect view of the city is jumping from 13,000 feet above the ground from an airplane. Skydive San Diego has certified instructors who are prepared for any inconveniences.

Although Eric Pemper loves adrenaline pumping activities, he also enjoys going to museums and art galleries. There are plenty of museums in San Diego. One of Eric Pemper’s favorite things to do is to visit the Old Town in San Diego. The reconstructed buildings in Old Town illustrate the setting of the 1800’s. Old Town is said to be the “birthplace” of California, and today you can go back in time at the museums and visit California’s history.

When Eric Pemper’s nieces and nephews visit him in San Diego there are plenty of kid activities. There are the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, SeaWorld and the Reuben H Fleet Science Center. The Reuben H Fleet Science Center is famous for its IMAX Dome Theater. The science center has exhibits where your kids get involved and experience the wonderful world of science.

Eric Pemper

Eric Pemper loves sports.

Eric Pemper is a big fan of sports and it would not be right if we did not mention the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum. The sports museum recognizes athletes for their outstanding performances. It showcases the individual efforts of San Diego native competitors and others that have performed excellently in San Diego. The likes of San Diego Charger football star Lance Alworth and one of baseball’s best hitters of all time, Ted Williams, are honored in the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum.

All of the things we have mentioned make San Diego awesome, but what Eric Pemper loves most about San Diego are its beaches. Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach are all connected by a 4 mile long boardwalk. The boardwalk has plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to visit. Close to Mission Beach is Belmont Park, a beachfront amusement park with bumper cars, arcade games and the famous Giant Dipper roller coaster.

Nightlife is alive and well in San Diego. When in the mood to hang out with friends, Eric Pemper heads on over to the Gaslamp district for a night out on the town. Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs occupy 16 blocks up and down the Gaslamp district. You can make reservations at one of the many trendy restaurants featuring celebrity chefs, enjoy a cocktail at a rooftop bar, or dance till you drop at any of the nightclubs.


From 1996 to 2001 Eric Pemper attended the University of California, San Diego is where he obtained his bachelors in computer engineering and a minor in history/poly sci.

UCSD is a great school and is ranked alongside schools like UCLA, Berkley, Stanford, and more. It has two of the top schools in the field of engineering and medicine. Staff members and professors at UCSD have gone to receive the Nobel Prize Award for their excellence in chemistry, oceanography, and economics. The state of California is known for having earthquakes and on the UCSD campus is the Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table that tests a structure’s strength to hold off simulated earthquakes.

Eric Pemper

UC San Diego is where Eric Pemper attended college.

UCSD offers excellent programs for their students. One of the more well-known programs is the International House Program. The International House, also known as the I-House, is a vibrant on-campus community dedicated to spreading international awareness and intercultural understanding at UCSD and around the world. More than 350 students from 30 countries study and live together in the International House.

Students and UCSD staff share a great relationship with each other. In the 1980’s a music festival was created, called Sun God Festival. The festival consists of musical performances of popular artists, student booths and vendors, and carnival activities. The Sun God Festival has been headlined by Snoop Dogg, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and Silversun Pickups.

For eight consecutive years, the UCSD Tritons have been named the nation’s top Division II program by the NCSA Athletic Recruiting. The sports teams of UCSD are tough and put in a lot of hard work. In the first two years of Division II play, the women’s soccer team were crowned CCAA Champions and NCAA National Champions. The UCSD baseball team has gone to compete in the College World Series in 2010 and finished fourth. UCSD does not have a football team. The last time the school had a football team was in the 1960s. Today, the school remains in Division II.

UCSD is a great school for both academic and athletic purposes. To add to its greatness, it maintains a beautiful a campus. Covered with green trees all around providing shade for the students to relax and take a break from studying on those hot California days. Art pieces can be seen around the school when walking from one class to another. The best part about the campus would have to be its proximity to the beach. Students can have fun in the sun after classes or a long day of studying for midterms. The UCSD campus also offers a breathtaking view of the ocean, perfect for seeing the sunset.

Hobbies and Sports

When running a business, it is always a good idea to have some hobbies or be active by playing sports or exercising. Many business owners become stressful trying to run their business, and this sometimes can lead to poor decision making or loss of focus on the business.

Part of the reason why Eric Pemper has been successful with his businesses is because he stays active and exercises to keep the stress away. When he is on his day off, Eric likes to practice martial arts and go jogging.

Relieving stress through the martial arts can have a number of benefits in your life. Weight management, cardio, eliminating trouble focusing and anxiety are all benefits you can get with martial arts. Eric Pemper practices martial arts to stay focus on achieving his goals and to make sure the company stays successful.

Eric Pemper

Eric Pemper runs on his time off to reduce stress.

Jogging is another great technique for relieving stress. Not only is it great for stress relief, but running is also great for your health. You stay in shape while you run and helps you keep your body systems performing better. Running enhances your immune system and slows the aging process. After running a couple of miles a day, you begin to feel mentally and physically fit.